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Your response to unusual events

Take a 5 minute survey and receive immediate feedback

Sometimes things happen to people that are unusually or especially frightening, horrible, or traumatic.  This can be Corona virus (COVID-19) related events, or other events such as a serious accident or fire, physical or sexual assault or abuse, earthquake or flood, war, seeing someone be killed or seriously injured, or having a loved one die through homicide or suicide. 

The questions below will guide you to the right survey - in 18 languages, incl English.

Your anonymous responses will be saved to a secure server. This will help us to create norm scores and learn how responses to COVID-19 may differ from responses to other types of traumatic events. If any results would be published, only group-averaged results will be published; Your personal results or any identifying information will not be published. Results will be kept for a minimum of 15 years. You may leave the survey at any time simply by exiting the computer application.  If you like more detailed feedback you can leave your email at the end of the survey and later compare your scores to group scores that will be presented here. Your email address will not be stored. 

Think of a difficult or frightening event that you have experienced:

Is your event Corona virus related?

Did the event happen in your  private life or was it work related?

What is your occupation?

Did you experience Corona virus symptoms yourself or was someone else affected 

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