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ICD-11 Online Training Course

We are happy to share that the Online Training Course on ICD-11 Mental, Behavioural and Neurodevelopmental Disorders is being pilot-tested and is currently accessible to members of the Global Clinical Practice Network (GCPN).


To access the online units currently available, please join the instructions here.

  • Unit 1: Welcome to the ICD-11

  • Unit 3: Schizophrenia and Other Primary Psychotic Disorders

  • Unit 4: Mood Disorders

  • Unit 5: Anxiety or Fear-Related Disorders

  • Unit 6: Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders

  • Unit 7: Disorders Specifically Associated with Stress

  • Unit 8: Bodily Distress Disorders

  • Unit 9: Dissociative Disorders

  • Unit 10: Feeding or Eating Disorders[RT(1] 

  • Unit 11: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; Disruptive Behaviour and Dissocial Disorders

  • Unit 12: Disorders Due to Substance Use

  • Unit 13: Impulse Control Disorders and Disorders Due to Addictive Behaviours

  • Unit 14: Personality Disorders and Related Traits

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