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Theme 6

Global Crises

Global COVID-19-related traumatic stress activities

Project team

Theme leader: M. Olff (for now)

We are creating a team of experts who work on this together around the world. Please let us know if you would like to join the team (email: gc.traumaticstress@gmail.com).


The COVID-19 outbreak is a global problem, an unprecedented pandemic, a public health emergency of international concern that threatens lives and well-being of the world population. It is also affecting health care professionals on the front lines, as well as mental health professionals providing psychosocial support. 

Global approach

As the COVID-19 outbreak is a global problem, it also requires a global solution. Therefore, global collaborating is vital, i.e. working together on COVID-19-related traumatic stress aspects (policies, best practices and research).

We will need to address how people may respond differently to the crisis around the world, how to best communicate about the outbreak and its consequences - taking culture, gender and age aspects into account - how to provide peer support to health workers or other affected professionals, and what are (online) interventions that are needed at a later stage.

Projects are being prepared


The traumatic stress societies that are united in the Global Collaboration on Traumatic Stress (GC-TS) have collected relevant information (listed below) on the COVID-19 virus and measures we can take, the consequences and how to respond to those who suffer from the consequences and how we support our health professionals. 

COVID-19 information on STSS websites: